$54.87/68.59$ car jump starter…

ehhh… they don’t ship to Belarus Or Is winter determined only by the calendar for you?) Since December means winter, so the cacti have blossomed.)) Flashlight for jackdaws. – a lot of reviews, good, different cars start briskly https://jiji.ng/280-mugs/red, cable 8AWG (8 mm sq.) From competitors you can see Xiaomi, take what is cheaper Peak starting current 1000A and 2000A, it is stated that the jump starter should be enough for 60 starts (for a 20.000Ah model).
Starts even on a completely dead battery. Yeah, especially in winter and just lie.))) "should be in the car (especially in the autumn-winter period)" I didn’t find a coupon for minus 20 bucks… only for 4 Enough for 6-10 launches from a single charge. Charging is not fast. Again, it’s a winder) – built-in flashlight (where without it, there is SOS and a flasher, the strobe was not delivered) Petrol up to 4/8l, diesel up to 2.5/4l. – after a full charge it can be stored up to 2 years (self-discharge approx. 0.05mA) 20Ah model is more expensive, but looks much more interesting In general, a great thing, it should be in the car (especially in the autumn-winter period) Coupons are right below the price on the product page: $4 for 10.000mAh and $20 for the 20.000mAh model, the coins in the app drop $1.12 or $1.4 respectively.

  • May 17, 2022, 07:54 pm
  • Author: ZeRNoVoz
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The thing is good, I use it, you can take it.

$54.87/68.59$ car jump starter 1000A/2000A Car Jump Starter Baseus 10/20Ah

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